Casino playing through bitcoin

Do Bitcoin Casinos UK Offer Welcome Bonuses?

Welcome bonuses are always one of the main selling points when playing at any online casino as players always want to get the most value for their hard-earned money! Many players may not be entirely sure about joining Bitcoin casinos UK as they may be under the impression that these types of casinos do not offer their players welcome bonuses with crypto currency. However, this is not the case and players can enjoy huge welcome bonuses when joining Bitcoin casinos UK! If you want to know more about the types of welcome offers you can expect to find at Bitcoin casinos UK, carry on reading.

What Types of Welcome Offers Do Bitcoin Casinos UK Offer?

As we have already established, Bitcoin casinos UK offer great welcome bonuses and there are plenty of different options to choose from.
One of the first options that players can choose from when playing at Bitcoin casinos UK is the standard welcome bonus. This means that you can deposit your Bitcoins and the casino will add on a percentage as bonus cash to play on the site’s range of thrilling games! There will be a minimum and maximum number of Bitcoins to be deposited before you can take advantage of this type of promotion and instead of having, say, a pound or euro sign, it will be displayed as BTC. The percentage added on can range anywhere from 100% to a few hundred percent, so make sure you pick a fantastic welcome bonus.

Casino playing through bitcoin
Alongside many welcome bonuses, players will also find that many Bitcoin casinos UK offer lots of free spins. This can sometimes be up to hundreds of free spins up for grabs, so it is definitely a welcome offer worth looking out for if slots are your favourite type of game to play at Bitcoin casinos UK.
Of course, all Bitcoin casinos UK are different and each will have their own welcome bonus to offer newbies. Make sure you shop around and do not join the first casino that you find as you may be missing out on substantially better welcome offers at other Bitcoin casinos UK!

Is It Safe to Play at Bitcoin Casinos UK?

Another common misconception about playing at Bitcoin casinos UK is that these types of casinos are not as safe as your regular casinos. This is not the case, however, and Bitcoin casinos UK are in actual fact very safe and secure to play!
One of the main advantages of playing at this type of casino is the safety features on offer. When playing at this casino, players only have to hand over very limited details and you can essentially remain completely anonymous when you play here. This is a very attractive feature for many players online who do not want to divulge their personal details and do not want to hand over any bank details.

If you are ready to get started playing at a Bitcoin casino, sign up today and see how much you could win!