PayPal Casino Guide for New Players

Perhaps, you are an online casino veteran looking for a new site to play on or you could be a casino newbie looking for a secure site to play games on for the first time. If you fall under these categories then don’t go anywhere as this article is worth reading. For new and old players, sometimes a new online casino is in order and we cannot think of anything better than the modern PayPal casino. This is basically an online casino that lets you make deposits using PayPal so why exactly should you choose the PayPal casino as your new home?

PayPal Casino Overview

The PayPal casino is popular these days as PayPal is an excellent alternative for players looking to make safe and secure deposits with just a few clicks of their mouse. PayPal has built up a stellar reputation over the last decade as one of the most reputable payment providers on the web. All you need to do to get started is sign up for a PayPal account and then you can begin to enjoy the benefits of the PayPal casino. The best bit is, that there are plenty of games and promotions to enjoy on these sites.

Try and find a PayPal casino with at least 100 games to enjoy. This will ensure that you have plenty of options and will not get bored too easily. The easiest way to check if the site you have found is a PayPal casino is to check the range of available payment methods. If the site accepts PayPal then it is a PayPal casino. Simple! Then you can begin to look at the range of games and offers on the site. Look for table games such as blackjack as well as slots

PayPal Casino: More Info

Generally, with the PayPal casino players simply have to enter your PayPal email address to make a successful deposit. Withdrawals are also super simple and the funds will be withdrawn and transferred directly to your PayPal account. As is true with normal online casinos, there are plenty of bonuses to enjoy as well. A great welcome bonus can be found quite easily on a PayPal casino. Some sites will even offer free bonus cash up to the value of around £15 which is great but remember to read the wagering conditions if you’re planning on withdrawing the funds promptly.

A great range of regular offers is also important. We always want our readers to get great value for money and this can be done by claiming offers on a regular basis. Tournament games and competitions can also be found and are really exciting especially when they offer massive prizes such as cars or holidays. Most of the bigger PayPal casino sites will have the bigger offers so it really is just a case of shopping around to find the best ones. Then you can dive in and begin enjoying some of your favourite online casino games.

The modern PayPal casino has just as many features as a normal online casino. There are usually over 100 games to play on some of the better of these sites and players can benefit from welcome bonuses and regular offers too. Try and find a site that offers games from high-quality developers and remember to play some games on their free-play modes first if the site offers this. Then you can make a deposit and begin enjoying table games and slots for real cash. We hope our guide has helped you understand the basics behind the modern PayPal casino.